In the Living Kitchen

Musings, memories, meals in the making.

About Me

In the winter of 2008 my partner Sam and I decided to become farmers.  We moved to the Hudson Valley in New York and interned at the Four Winds Farm, a small, family farm, for one season.  Towards the end of that season we were asked by our boss if we wanted to take over the CSA program there.  Voila!  We now own and manage the Second Wind CSA.

Before farming, I grew up in Oklahoma, went to St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM, dreamed of becoming a psychologist, and then…well, the rest is history.  I suppose the most relevant fact about me that has always remained constant is that I love being in the kitchen: cooking, eating and creating.  Furthermore, I love sharing my experiences with others–successes and failures.

Growing my own food with my own hands and subsisting on a diet centered around these foods has been such a rewarding and complex experience that I feel I must write about it.  So, I hope you enjoy every morsel!


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