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Our Farm Kitty

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Isn’t she cute?  When Sam and I lived at the farm in 2008, so did Scout, our cat that we brought with us from Santa Fe, NM.  In Santa Fe, Scout was an indoor cat, but when we moved to the farm we decided she would be allowed to hang out outside at the farm.  She absolutely loved being a “farm cat” much more than being an indoor cat.  Most days, she wouldn’t even roam around on her own, she would just follow Sam and I around and hang out with us in the field.

Unfortunately for Scout, we moved into an apartment last winter and she is again an indoor cat.  Anytime we bring vegetables from the farm, or come home from feeding the chickens, she inspects us for several minutes.  She knows where we’ve been…

Today she planted herself right in front of me while I was pouring over the herb sections of my 3 seed catalogs, and wouldn’t move.  I think she was on the catnip page…


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