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Planting Garlic

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Here are some pictures of the great garlic planting of 2009.  Garlic is planted in the fall, so I will not harvest this garlic until the summer of 2010.  When planting garlic, always choose the biggest, freshest bulbs.  Separate the cloves and plant them in rows.  The pointy part of the clove is where the garlic plant will spout from, the flat end is where the roots grow from.  I planted a 140-foot bed with fives rows of garlic, spaced 4-6-inches apart.  The cloves are placed neatly in the ground and then covered with a thick layer of mulch.  At the farm, we use compost.  I do not use a tractor, so I hauled loads of compost in my beat-up farm cart.  I think next year I am going to paint flames on it.  Seriously, I find it very satisfying to use my own body as the main power source for this tough task.

Last year I did not plant garlic for the CSA, a big mistake!  Actually, it wasn’t really a mistake because when the garlic was planted at the farm our plans to run the CSA had not been solidified.  This year I purchased the most gorgeous seed garlic from Jay, the head farmer and owner of the farm I work at.  He has been saving seed garlic at his farm for years and years and years.  I feel very lucky that he had enough to sell to me.


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